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Wednesday, 8. July 2020 01:16 PM
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Wednesday, 10. June 2020 07:55 PM  Write a comment

The answer is that with most slot machines you can't tell when a jackpot is about to hit.
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Thursday, 23. April 2020 11:18 AM  Write a comment

Ciekawe miejsce.
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An article for 2020 
Tuesday, 18. February 2020 01:44 AM  Write a comment

By Randy Rossi -
Anybody who pays attention to current polling has to be mystified by the fact that Americans are happier now under President Trump than under any previous president for decades, but roughly half don’t give President Trump credit for their improved lives. A new Gallup poll showed that 90% of Americans are satisfied with their personal lives which is the highest number since 1980. On top of that, 61% of Americans say that they are better off under three years of President Trump and that is the best number any president has seen for 30 years.
The fact that unemployment is at the lowest level in 51 years and the average American has seen roughly a $5,000 increase in their incomes under President Trump may have something to do with it! The fact that unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians is the lowest in American history might also help. President Trump is the first president that has aggressively and successfully worked to stop the massive Chinese cheating and stealing that has cost millions of Americans their jobs and those jobs are coming back to America which is raising salaries. A growing number of Americans are starting to figure it out!
The good news is that President Trump just had his highest approval ratings while he was being impeached which were better than President Obama’s at the same time in his presidency. 80.9% of farmers think that President Trump will be reelected and 66% of all Americans think that he will be reelected. Votes for President Trump in the New Hampshire primary were more than any incumbent president in decades and Trump got more than double the votes that President Obama got. That is all good news and it shows that a growing number of Americans are waking up to reality. While Democrats have focused their time on impeaching President Trump and overturning the American people’s choice for president, President Trump has focused his time on keeping his promises to the American people to improve their lives. And he has delivered!
But things will soon get even better for President Trump. Thanks to the Mueller and IG Reports, the American people now know that the “Russian Collusion Hoax” was a Democrat scam and that the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ broke the law and lied to get phony FISA warrants to launch that hoax for purely political reasons. I am willing to “bet the farm” that in just a few months, we will be seeing several high executives of the FBI, DOJ, and possibly CIA indicted and in orange jump suits when AG Barr and Federal Prosecutor Durham conclude their investigations and confirm that multiple laws were broken to try and remove a duly elected president. When that happens, the American people will not only give President Trump credit for improving their lives, they will hold Democrats accountable for their unconstitutional and illegal attempts to oust the people’s choice for president who has delivered outstanding results that help all Americans.
If logic prevails, the American people will reelect President Trump, Republicans will win the House and keep the Senate because Americans will be outraged by the Democrat’s unconstitutional and illegal abuse of power to attack our democracy. This will be the most important election since the Civil War and it will determine if Americans deserve to keep the magnificent republic our Founding Fathers gave us! The good news is that the current polling seems to indicate that the American people are starting to wake up to reality and they will hold Democrats accountable at the polls in November.
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Tuesday, 11. February 2020 03:07 AM  Write a comment

Doesn't work to well for the Lefties.
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Tuesday, 11. February 2020 03:04 AM  Write a comment

Works for me.
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Thursday, 6. February 2020 02:22 AM  Write a comment

Swietna witruyna.
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Swamp Donkey 
Friday, 24. January 2020 04:54 AM  Write a comment

Great footage, as always, of the annual Bottle Rocket War

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Thursday, 23. January 2020 11:15 AM  Write a comment

Compounded interest on the debt has become almost half the deficit. So every President (if you care to blame them) will have this as the biggest line item in their budget. Hence the reason that the Fed has kept interest rates at near zero. You want to see a spike, wait until the rates go to normal. You also don't take into consideration the aging crowd, you & me, beginning to take the dole.
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Blame game 
Thursday, 23. January 2020 11:10 AM  Write a comment

From May 2019

The Treasury Department reported a $208 billion deficit for the month of May — which is $61 billion higher than May 2018. To put that in perspective, the deficit for the entire year of 2007 was $161 billion.
In the first eight months of the current fiscal year, red ink has already reached $738 billion. Even adjusting for inflation, the total annual federal deficit has exceeded that only six times in the nation’s history (five of them under President Obama).
Not surprisingly, the Republican tax cuts are taking the blame for this year’s extraordinary deficits.

But wait a minute. Overall federal revenues were up in May by $15 billion — that’s a 7% gain over May 2018 — the latest monthly Treasury report shows.
So where did May’s big deficit increase come from? Well, spending in that month was $440 billion. That’s $76 billion — or 21% — more than last year.
Some of that increase in spending in May was the result of a quirk of the calendar. But the same trend holds true for the fiscal year.
For the first eight months of the fiscal year (which started last October), revenues climbed more than $50 billion, compared with the first eight months of the previous fiscal year.
The press has focused on the fact that Trump’s tariffs boosted customs duties by $20 billion so far this year. But that conveniently overlooks the fact that individual income tax revenues are up by $17 billion, and payroll taxes are up more than $30 billion. Both are signs of a healthy job market that pushed the unemployment rate to 50-year lows and is boosting wages as the labor market tightens.

Over these same eight months, however, spending exploded by almost $257 billion — an eye-popping 10% increase.
And where have the big spending increases come from? Mostly from entitlements and interest payments on the national debt.
Spending by Health and Human Services — which runs Medicare and Medicaid — is up more than $100 billion so far this year. Social Security spending is up by $47 billion. VA spending is up $26 billion. Interest on the debt, up $36 billion.
Spending on aid to children and families, in contrast, climbed a mere $1 billion.
And while overall Defense spending is up $49 billion, less than half of that — $20 billion — went toward new equipment and R&D.
So once again, we have the data showing the out-of-control spending is driving up the deficit, not Trump’s tax cuts. Yet it’s tax cuts that get the blame.
This is the swamp in action. The denizens of Washington want the government to grow perpetually bigger. So blaming deficits on tax cuts keeps the focus off the spending side of the equation.

The truth is that any tax hikes would, at best, only mask the problem of runaway entitlements, and put off the inevitable day of reckoning.
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Thursday, 23. January 2020 06:56 AM  Write a comment

Indeed, the House does pass budgets, (more formally referred to as appropriation bills). Well said! You know who else has to pass appropriation bills before they can be signed into law? The Senate! You know what has to happen before "budgets" take effect? The president has to sign them! So the buck literally stops with the president. Related, the tax cuts that are currently blowing a massive hole in the deficit were passed when Paul Ryan was speaker, not Nancy Pelosi.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
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